Sunday, January 31, 2021

He gags you with your wife's soiled panties, the ones she wore the other night with him, panties crusted with her juices and his cum. "What are you doing?" you ask before he pushes them against your tongue.

"Keeping your begging down," he says, "keeping your moaning down."

You think back to your wife's simple text. "When I'm out of town, do as he says."

She couldn't mean this, could she? You think as you watch him pull down his pants, apply lubricant to his hard, thick cock. As if reading your mind, he smiles. "Yes, she meant this," he says, pulling your legs apart. "This is exactly what she meant."


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Why it's almost as if your wife actually enjoys sucking cock.

So long as she can suck anyone but you.


Seeing her leak like this literally makes me leak.



Your wife doesn't have a boyfriend because she doesn't love you or doesn't appreciate you.

She doesn't have a boyfriend because of a lace of emotional intimacy with you.

She has a lover because he has a way of making her forget the stresses of daily life, making her forget about work, the daily grind, the rat race, everything.

She has a a lover because time with him is like going to a spa or getting a massage. She can just relax, enjoy the moment, drift away, and let nothing but the physical pleasure he gives her be her everything.


That particular feeling you get when you see your devoted wife, the doting mother of your child, on her hands and knees on your marital bed, moaning in pleasure as her bull fucks her like a slut, like a whore. 

There comes a time in your life you may have to just admit to your wife you might be a little gay.

For some, it's when they start wearing lingerie for her.

For others, it's when they take hormones or get breasts.

Others wait longer, denying it and denying it, but I think when she's watching you beg her lover to fuck you harder and harder, when you're on your back, begging for his cock, you might just have to admit as much as you like women, you crave cock even more.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Pussy Free

The one thing you desperately wanted all through high school and college (and beyond) and the one thing no girl would every let you have, sissy.



" feels different," your wife moans as you slide the thick, black dildo into her, "it feels...bigger."

"Should...should I stop?" you ask anxiously. You're nervous, you've played with small vibrators before, but never anything like this. Still, you decided to try it, you started with the normal vibrator then, when she was on her stomach, not looking, you switched to the dildo.

"No," she moans, "my god, it feels good, I...I never..."

"What?" you ask softly.

"I never had anything this big inside me before." She pushes her hips back, takes more of it in her, moans.

"I...I wasn't sure you'd like it," you whisper in her ear, "whether you'd like something...bigger."

"Hmmmmm," she moans and you stare at the cock going in and out of her pussy, stare at her stretched lips, stare at her pussy juices coating it. "I like it,'s like..."

"What?" you ask.

"I don't know," she blushes as she moans while you fuck her.

"Like someone else is inside you," you whisper in her ear with all the courage you can muster.

"P...Peter," she moans, suddenly shaking as orgasm floods over her.

"Someone...someone bigger and longer and thicker."

"Oh, god, Peter, don't...don't stop."

You're too into it now to stop regardless. "He...he likes married women, he likes watching his thick cock go in and out of you..."

"Oh god, Peter, oh god, let him fuck me," she moans.

"He's fucking you," you whisper in her ear, "he loves fucking married women with his thick, black cock."

She gasps; you're afraid you went too far, but she's up on her knees now, she's raised her pussy so you she can take more of it inside her. "Oh god, Peter, oh god," she's shaking uncontrollably when she collapses on the bed, still shaking, orgasm continuing as the black cock is buried deep inside her.

After you're holding her, still having not cum yourself, holding her, the base of the cock in one hand, your other arm around her, watching her lazily stroke the thick, ever hard cock.

"I wasn't sure you..."

"You did fine, Peter," she says. "You knew what to say, have you...fantasized about this before?"

It's then the words come tumbling out, words that change things forever. 


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I have a dirty mind


If it was me, I'd be feminized and in chastity.


Sometimes a wife just needs to be thrown on the bed and fucked good and hard.

Good thing yours has her boyfriend for those times.


Let's be honest, your wife's lover does things to her you literally can't imagine doing to a woman.


You try to make love to her, you never dream of simply fucking her.

You're tender and gentle and kind, you'd never think of being rough and animalistic and possessive.

You ask her if what you're doing pleasures her, you'd never imagine just taking her.

It isn't that she dislikes sex with you, she finds pleasure in a soft, tender kind of way, the way she found pleasure with her college roommate when they messed around.

But it's not this. It will never be this. 



So, so true!!!


When his wife started dating, he didn't think too much would change, but his wife's lover had other ideas.

So things changed. They changed drastically. 


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Dirty Little Secret

Maybe not all of them, but I bet all the sissy cuckolds do.


"Mrs...Mrs. Evans, what...what are you doing here, I...Rachel isn't here," I stammered seeing my wife's mother sitting in our living room.

"I know," she said turning towards me. "I'll wait."

I swallowed. Wait? She couldn't wait, my wife... "She...I think she's going to be out late," I said evenly. "She...she's out...out with some...some girlfriends."

"I thought she was spending the night with him," my mother-in-law said.

"She is...I mean...spending...spending the night with who?"

"With her boyfriend. Please don't play stupid with me, Peter, if there's one thing I can't stand it's little boys who play games."

"I don't...I don't know what you mean."

"Peter, you think I don't know she's dating? Who do you think suggested it? Imagine hoping you'd satisfy her. You may be a good provider, Peter, but let's not pretend you can satisfy her in the bedroom."

" know..."

"Again, of course I know. I understand you've been reluctant to let her spend the night with him, which I think is incredibly selfish of you."

"Selfish...she...she's my wife."

"You have so much to learn, Peter," she said putting her arm on her knee, the position leaving her breast all but falling out of her blouse. "But don't worry, I'm here to teach you how husbands like you treat their wives. Now undress please."

"Undress? Mrs. Evans, are you...are you crazy?"

"No, Peter, I'm not crazy, just a firm believer in rules and discipline. Rule on is little boys like you do not remain dressed when superior women are present."

Monday, January 25, 2021

Picture perfect


"What...what's that for?" I asked the mistress I'd been seeing as tapped her hand with a switch.

"Your backside. Your little penis. Any other part of you that bothers me."

" can't use that," I said, suddenly panicking.

"And why pray tell not?" she glared at me. 

" agreed marks; would I ever explain those to my wife."

"The same way she'll explain them to you."

"What...what are you talking about?" I asked, my voice going high as it often did when I was nervous.

"Who do you think is in the next room, slave? Some random woman for you to play with? You think I only had eyes for you? No, no, pet, she's served me as long as you have."


"You think you got so luck as to get me as your domme, slave? No, no, silly boy, she was my slave first; you were just along for the enjoyment."


A sissy husband should be kept feminized, on her knees, and in the corner 
when the wife's bull is in the house.



What kind of man cums all over a woman's face and hair? It's impersonal, even degrading, and messy. It's the opposite of making love, it's animalistic, it objectifies a woman. It's something no decent man would do to his wife.

Which is exactly why he does it to your wife.

It proves a point to both of you, proves he's the man in this weird three-way relationship. It proves she serves him, that pleasing him sexually is her role. And it proves your place is to be a loving, supportive husband, one who turned her sexual satisfaction over to a real man.

I know from experience that when a woman tells her beta (or sissy) husband she doesn't like to do this, what she means is she doesn't like to do it to her husband.

Because for the right man, for a masculine, dominant man, she'll literally beg to be allowed to get on her knees and suck his cock.

Literally beg.


You weren't sure what it would be like when you watched them for the first time, when you were allowed in the room with your wife and her lover.

He's a very dominant man, so you assumed there'd be some level of possession, some level of humiliation.

But you weren't ready for this.

You sat in a chair in the corner, naked. He was there with you, explaining. He was clothed, making you feel small, vulnerable, helpless, his intent of course.

"You sit there," he pointed to a wood chair he'd put in your room facing a black leather bench. "Hands behind the chair like they are tied, legs wide apart. You don't move. You don't say a word. You do nothing except sit there and watch. Clear?"

His voice was firm, almost menacing. "Y...yes, Sir," you answered, ashamed at yourself, at this situation. You knew your penis was small, but not it was shriveled from being cold, naked, and intimidated.

Twenty minutes later, your arms sore, you heard sounds outside the door. He walked into the room, now naked himself, his muscular body on display, his hard, eight inch cock jutting from his hips. He held a black leash in his hand, tugged it, and your wife walked into the room. She was naked except for four inch black heels and a thin black collar around her neck; the leash was attached to the collar.

He led her to the bench. "Kneel facing him, slut," he ordered her. 

You saw her glance at you embarrassed, watched as she climbed onto the bench, knelt on her hands and knees with him behind her.

"Spread your legs, slut," he ordered her, slapping her hard on her ass.

Your wife grabbed the edge of the bench, moved her knees apart, involuntarily moved her ass up. Without another word, without any foreplay, without any warning, he grabbed her hips, put the head of his large cock against her, and pushed into her. 

"Oh god," she moaned as he filled her. You knew her, knew it usually took some amount of foreplay to make her wet, so you were shocked how easily he slipped into her, shocked at how wet she must be.

"Look at him, bitch," he said, reaching for her head, pulling her hair, pulling her head up so she looked towards you. "You may be his wife, but you're my slut, and this body, this pussy, belongs to me."

You watched, not moving, as he fucked her for the next fifteen minutes, watched as he made her cum again and again, watched as she moaned, called out, called his name, begged him to fuck her harder, harder. You watched as he began grunting himself, thrust faster, until finally he pushed into her and held himself against her, filling her with his cum.

"She's mine," he smiled at you, "her sex is all mine." 



If I was allowed only one way to be intimate with Emily, I'd pick this every time.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

"Come over here, honey, kneel and do just like we practiced," your wife says holding her lover's throbbing erection in her hands.

You see him smiling at you, dressed in pretty lingerie, your sissy penis safely locked in chastity. "Listen to your wife," he says firmly.

"I...I just...I'm not..."

"He knows, hon," your wife says, "we talked about it; just because a sissy sucks cock doesn't mean she's gay."

You'd had that conversation over and over; she reassured you over and over this changed nothing.

But the look in his eyes said otherwise, betrayed conversations you imagined he'd had with your wife. "Denial doesn't matter," you imagined him telling her, "there's nothing gayer than a sissy sucking cock."

"Shhh, go on," she encourages you as you kneel, "I promise." She's looking at you, watching you watch his cock, watching as you involuntarily lick your lips. 

So she doesn't see him, doesn't see his smile, doesn't see him mouth the words to you. "Go on, faggot, suck my cock," he mouths.

"Go on," she says, "it's not gay."

"Yes, it's gay," he mouths, smiling, nodding.

Scared, nervous, you lean down, feel her hand guide your open mouth to his erection. "It's okay," she whispers in your ear, "go on, suck his cock."

Not meaning to, not wanting to, you start to do it, start slowly, but do more and more, take him deeper and deeper into your mouth, sucking him as she helps. "That's it, sweetie, suck my lover's cock, just like we practiced, it's okay, that's it, be gay for me."

Her words cut through you, but you continue, worse, you suck him faster and faster.

"That's it, love, it's okay to be gay for me, it's okay, it's okay."


Kind of makes you forget you ever thought you'd lose your virginity to a woman. 


Friday, January 22, 2021

It's okay to admit it to your wife, she won't hold it against you.


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Back to Work

"There, I...I swallowed his cum," you look over at your wife, not sure how you agreed to this.

She chuckles, smiles. "Um..."

"What?" you ask, I did as you asked.

"You need to keep sucking, he has hasn't cum."

"But...but what's this?" you ask, looking at the thin line of cum from his cock to your lips.

"That's his pre-cum, silly boy, that's how much a sissy like you cums, dear, that's not how a man cums."

" was I supposed to know?" you ask.

"You'll know sissy, you'll know when it fills your mouth and you can't swallow it fast enough because there's so much and it's dripping down your face. Now finish. Finish."


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Neither of you will ever forget

I'm going to remind you about just what you swallowed every fucking day and that bitter, salty, manly taste will still linger, on your nasty faggot tongue till the day you fucking die.


Monday, January 18, 2021


Never thought you'd do it, did you, sissy?

Always told yourself you weren't like that.

Always told yourself you liked girls, always said you were 'straight'.

Always said you'd never do anything like this, never.

Yet here you are. On your knees. Worshipping a man's cock.

Here you are, sucking him, stroking him, begging him to cum.

Here you are, trying to swallow every drop.

Here you are, accepting you'll never sleep with a woman, but instead will please men.

A sissy anxiously awaits for her deflowering



Your wife said the couple next door hinted she and her husband may be into some kinky sex, so you were happy to agree to have dinner at their house and happy to see your wife dress in sexy lingerie.

But as the evening progressed, it became apparent their interest was in your wife, not in you.

"What...what am I supposed to do," you asked as the three of them headed upstairs.

"Wait like a good boy," the husband laughed, leading the two women out of the room.


Once a sissy accepts her sissy clit is never going in a woman, she's free to learn and discover that pussy free sex can be very satisfying.

Something a man can never understand



A sissy doesn't have to wear a dress or a skirt to be perfectly feminine. 


Sunday, January 17, 2021


"You know I'm married, right?"

"You know I don't care, right?"

"What if...what if my husband comes home?"

"He can stand in the corner and wait till I'm done."


Saturday, January 16, 2021




You come home, find your wife in lingerie, tied, bent over, her ass red; soft moans escape her lips.

What do you do?


Call the police?

Search the house?

No, you do the only thing a husband like you can do. 

As quietly as you can, you back out of the room, go down to the basement, to the small, sparse room set up down there. You go to this room, strip naked, and sit on the thin mattress of the plain bed and wait for her lover to tell you that you may come back upstairs.

Friday, January 15, 2021

On a personal note, it's been way too long since Emily had this. Way too long for both of us.


The dreams I had every day as a young sissy.


Mouths of Babes

"Daddy, what's all that noise coming from the bedroom?"

"Nothing, mommy's just having a workout with her personal trainer."

"She's sure grunting a lot, he must be making her work really hard," the innocent voice says.

"You have no idea how hard," you swallow.

"Will Mommy be sore?" the innocent asks?

"P...probably," you swallow.

"You'll take care of her, won't you?"

"Yes, I...I always take care of her when she's sore."

"You'll kiss her where it hurts?"

"Of course, dear, now eat your dinner, okay."



Coming home and seeing what's set on on the bed you realize it's going to be a long weekend.


Ever had a woman wait for you like this? No, didn't think so.

Your wife every wait for a man like this? Every Saturday night for her boyfriend.


Someone suggested you look for your wife upstairs in the study and sure enough, there she was occupied with a man she'd met at the party.


It was on your fourth blow job at the glory hole that your wife told you that you know all the men you sucked and swallowed and that they knew it was you on the other side of the wall.

"Don't worry, they won't say anything," she said, "so you won't know who they are. But they'll know."


Tuesday, January 12, 2021



That feeling when your wife prefers even fake cock to what you have to offer.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Best dessert in the world!!!


First Time Blues

You were disappointed with yourself; you've been telling him for months you weren't the kind of sissy that would do anything sexual with men, yet here you were, head bobbing up and down on his cock.

I shouldn't be doing this, you told yourself, I don't like men, I don't like men.

Yet as disappointed as you were for what you were doing, you were also disappointed you couldn't take more of his cock in your mouth, that you couldn't get you lips all the way to the bottom.

I'm going to have to practice, you heard yourself think, I'm going to have to practice much more.


He's gotten to the point where he no longer needs encouragement from his wife or her lover; instead, the second her lover's done, he's down on his knees, eagerly sucking the fresh cum from her pussy.



What's better in life than watching your wife give her boyfriend a long, sensual blowjob?

Sunday, January 10, 2021

A sissy never forgets her first time; it's when she accepts who she really is.