Saturday, January 23, 2021

"Come over here, honey, kneel and do just like we practiced," your wife says holding her lover's throbbing erection in her hands.

You see him smiling at you, dressed in pretty lingerie, your sissy penis safely locked in chastity. "Listen to your wife," he says firmly.

"I...I just...I'm not..."

"He knows, hon," your wife says, "we talked about it; just because a sissy sucks cock doesn't mean she's gay."

You'd had that conversation over and over; she reassured you over and over this changed nothing.

But the look in his eyes said otherwise, betrayed conversations you imagined he'd had with your wife. "Denial doesn't matter," you imagined him telling her, "there's nothing gayer than a sissy sucking cock."

"Shhh, go on," she encourages you as you kneel, "I promise." She's looking at you, watching you watch his cock, watching as you involuntarily lick your lips. 

So she doesn't see him, doesn't see his smile, doesn't see him mouth the words to you. "Go on, faggot, suck my cock," he mouths.

"Go on," she says, "it's not gay."

"Yes, it's gay," he mouths, smiling, nodding.

Scared, nervous, you lean down, feel her hand guide your open mouth to his erection. "It's okay," she whispers in your ear, "go on, suck his cock."

Not meaning to, not wanting to, you start to do it, start slowly, but do more and more, take him deeper and deeper into your mouth, sucking him as she helps. "That's it, sweetie, suck my lover's cock, just like we practiced, it's okay, that's it, be gay for me."

Her words cut through you, but you continue, worse, you suck him faster and faster.

"That's it, love, it's okay to be gay for me, it's okay, it's okay."


  1. l'd suck it if it made her happy

    1. I suspect you'd suck it even if she were no where near! (smile)