Friday, February 26, 2021

"Honey, I know this isn't quite how you envisioned married life, but trust me, over time you'll grow to accept the chastity cage and be so much happier this way."


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Spend enough time in a chastity cage and a woman's nylon covered feet 
become more a reward than her pussy ever was.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

You walk into study holding the hairbrush, see your wife sitting in her punishment chair, the one she sits in when she administers your weekly spanking. But you're shocked to see she's not alone, shocked to see her mother standing behind her, shocked even more to see her mother dressed in the same uniform your wife wears when administering your spankings, a short simple floral skirt, a black top, black hose, and black heels.

"As if I didn't know she spanks you," her mother says. "Who do you think taught her?"


When he's feeling like you need a lesson, your wife's lover will pull out after fucking her and cum on her feet and watch you kneel and lick them clean, denying you access to her pussy for another week.



Waiting for post-pandemic times when wives, like Emily, can get back to having 
the sex they want with the men they need.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Is there anything more humiliating than getting disciplined by your wife's lover while she watches?



Most of the time Emily is happy with our sweet, tender, almost lesbian sex life. 

But sometimes she wants more and as soon as this stupid crisis is over, she's gotta have it.

On her knees, feeling her wife press her head against the thick, black cock, feeling her breasts spill out of her tight bra, feeling her sissy clit locked tightly in the chastity cage, one just might just have to admit there is never going to be a 'normal' marriage again.

You think it's a game, sissy, you think you can simply tease a man like that?

You think you can shake your sissy ass in his face and walk away?


Before going upstairs to wake his wife/mistress and her new lover, a good sissy always makes one last check in the mirror to make sure everything is proper.


When he's got her alone, when your wife spends the night with him at his place, he thrust inside her when he cums, shooting his sperm deep in her pussy, deep in a place your sissy penis has never been.

But when he's at your house and in your bed, when you're there, waiting patiently in the guest room or even in the corner watching, just before he cums he pulls out, leaving just the head of his cock inside her, spilling his cum right at the edge of her pussy. He wants as much of it as possible where you can reach it, where you must lick it, taste it, swallow it.

He knows every time he does this, every time she watches you crawl between her legs and suck her lover's cum from her makes it all the more she'll never again want you inside her. 



"It's a good start," your wife says to her best friend as they look on their newly feminized husbands. "I'm not sure about those, though."

"Their clits? Don't worry, this is the last time they'll be like that, the chastity cages will keep them all soft and small like they belong."

Sunday, February 14, 2021


That look on your wife's face when her lover cums inside her for the first time without a condom, that look that says she should have done this months ago.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

That look your secretary gives you after getting an email from your wife letting her know you're wearing lingerie and a chastity cage under your suit.


Wednesday, February 10, 2021


"Silly, sissy, chastity cages go on, they don't come off."

Watching from the corner, you aren't sure who is teasing who.

Is your wife teasing him, trying to make him beg her?

Is he teasing her, driving her wild for his cock?

Or are they both teasing you, knowing in badly you want to see him fuck her?


The unexplainable urge to see her submit to another man. 


Monday, February 8, 2021

Your wife's morning routine now that her office is back open:

1. Sign into her computer and check her email.

2. Start coffee for her boss and bring him his coffee.

3. Get on her knees and give him his morning blowjob.


Saturday, February 6, 2021

Watching them with your wife, you marvel at how they tease her, toy with her, deny her until she's literally begging them to fuck her, begging for cock. What they do with her and what you do are two totally different things, so different.



You watch your wife and her sister obediently licking every drop of cum from your wife's lover, watch him alternate between the two, letting each have an equal opportunity to taste him, to swallow. 

You hear the soft moaning coming from your right, turn, look again at your brother-in-law. He's in the same predicament you are, feminized, bound hand and foot to a wooden chair, a penis gag in his mouth. He's drooling as you are, small drops of spit running from his mouth to the bra encircling his chest. 

You see he's ever so slowly rocking back and forth, moving the couple of inches the bonds allow, rocking the cock shaped plug in his ass. You see his eyes flutter as he watches his wife swallow cum, flutter as feels the cock filling him. The front of his panties are wet just as yours are, wet from precum leaking out.

He sense you're looking at him, turns his head towards you, blushes. You know he's mortified at what's happening but you can tell he's sucking the gag just as you are, riding the cock just as you are.

He didn't want this, no more than you did a year ago. But here he is, watching your wife's lover dominate his wife and yours. Here he is, feminized, sucking cock, riding cock, and cum leaking from him.

You should feel guilty, you do feel guilty, for getting him into this. For exposing him to a a man like your wife's lover. You know the position the women are in is one the two of you will be in soon enough, that you'll be sharing cum with him just as your wife is sharing cum with her sister.

Friday, February 5, 2021

"Shhh, you're a sissy," your wife tells you as she watches you take his cock between your red lips. "There's no more natural place in the world than here, on your knees, sucking cock."


Your wife  wants to see your lips wrapped around his cock, she wants to see you sucking her bull. She'll encourage you for now, gently stroking you while you do it, but just for now. 

Eventually she'll want you to do it with your penis locked in a chastity cage, doing it not because she's touching you, but doing it for the act's own sake. Doing it because that's your sexual satisfaction, pleasing her, pleasing her bull.


Thursday, February 4, 2021

"You're getting so much better," your wife says softly as you again practice sucking her dildo as you have every night since the beginning of the year. "I think you'll be ready by try the real thing by Valentine's Day."


The morning sex is the most difficult for you. In the evening before, it's all excitement and anticipation, but after spending the night alone in the sparsely furnished room she sends you to in the basement when he's here, you're anxious to be allowed upstairs, to be with her.

The master shower is right above your room so you hear them in the shower, you can picture him, picture him pushing your wife against the shower wall, taking her from behind. He's rough with her, you know this, know she likes it, being taken, being used. 

Not that she doesn't enjoy your tender love making, your selfless foreplay, your talented oral skills.

But he's different. He doesn't make love to her, he fucks her. When he wants, how he wants, where he wants. Where your chances to enter her are rare, few and far between, he takes her how he wants. 

When he leaves, she'll come to the basement, open the door to your small, almost prison like room, allow you to come upstairs and reclaim her with your mouth.

It's kind of a simple test. Does watching this make your clit swell in your chastity cage?

If yes, you're not straight.



As your wife spreads your ass while her lover fucks you, it just might be the time to admit maybe you're not as straight as you always claim to be. 


For awhile your wife's dominant lover has hinted he wanted to share her with a couple of his friends but she was reluctant. Serving him was one thing, but two other guys?

"Has know...pushed you?"

"He hasn't ordered me," she says, knowing what you're asking, "but he's made it clear he wants to."

"But you don't? Tell him that, he'll respect that."


"He won't force limits, he'll push, but he won't force it."

"It's not that," she looks down. "I...I'm not supposed to lie."

"I don't understand," you say.

"You said tell him I don't want to. That...that's not entirely true."

"What do you mean?" you ask, confused.

"He...he said he wants to see me...he wants to see me with my mouth on his cock while his friends are inside me, one in my pussy, one in my ass. He wants to see me suck his cock while his friend are fucking me so he can look down on me and call me his slut, his whore."


"Every...every time he says this, I...I get so wet...he knows it, honey, he knows. I can't lie, I can't tell him I don't want to when...when he knows I do."


The dangers of being locked in chastity full time; sometimes a sissy just spontaneously squirts listening to her wife talk about her date with her lover. 


When you're no longer allowed inside your wife, you'd be surprised how giving her a massage brings about the same feelings of love and closeness penetrative sex used to.

You'd be surprised how a sissy's brain is re-trained, how giving your wife a massage and making her cum even when not reciprocated makes you feel the same things penetrative sex used to make you feel.

You'd be surprised when you start out knowing  your little sissy clit isn't going inside her, isn't getting touched by her, isn't squirting, your brain adapts and you don't need to penetrate her, you don't need to grow hard, you don't even need to cum to actually feel all the emotional feelings of sex a real man feels.


Can you touch his balls with your tongue while his cock's in your mouth, sissy?

If not, you've got some practice to do.

Don't worry, your wife's bull is happy to let you have all the practice you need.


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

You keep saying you don't like giving your wife's lover a blowjob yet every time he comes over, somehow you find his cock in your mouth without anyone telling you to do it. 


Monday, February 1, 2021

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" you hear a deep, masculine voice enter the room behind you.

"Mmmgggfff," you mumble, recognizing the voice belonging to your new neighbor, the one your wife has been teasing you about.

"Your wife said I'd find a sexy surprise waiting for me in the bedroom. To be honest, I assumed it was her, but wow, this is something."

"Eeeese," you beg through the bag, then jump when you feel his strong hands touching your ass.
"Atttt, attt rrrr u oing," you try to talk.

"Yea, Monica, I found that surprise you left me. No, no I'm not disappointed, I told you I was into this kind of thing. Besides, we can always hook up later. Rules? What rules? Two? Oh, no problem, baby, no problem. Okay, I'll call you later."

"Hyyyyy," you call out.

"Seems like your wife set some ground rules. I'm not allowed to remove the gag and I'm not allowed to untie you. Other than that, you're mine for the day."


Always good to remember just because your wife's boyfriend won't let you 
fuck her doesn't mean he won't let you be intimate with her.