Thursday, May 27, 2021


"God, you're running late, I thought you were getting here at 4, we barely have enough time to get your dressed," your friend tells you when you get to her house.

"Dressed?" you ask, confused, since you're already wearing the tux you rented.

"Dressed. For the prom," she looks at you with a strange look. "The guys are getting here at 5:30 to pick us up, some on, let's go."

"The guys? Beth, you're confusing me. What guys. I thought just the two of us were going."

"Just the two of us? Why would we go to prom without dates?"

Now Beth was really confusing you. "I thought, I mean...I thought you were my date."

"Why would you think that?" she asked. 

"You asked asked me if I wanted to go to the prom with you, Beth, isn't that a date?"

"You're messing with me, right," she laughed like she got the joke. "You know I've been seeing Steve since he went to college in the fall, of course I'm going with him."

"Why...why am I here, then?"

"I thought I told you? He wanted to bring one of his frat buddies, you're his date. Now come on, get out of that silly looking tuxedo so we can get you into your prom dress."

"My prom dress???"

"Yes, your prom dress. Don't worry, Steve's buddy knows you're gay, he's totally cool with that. I don't think he's gay, but you know guys, after a couple of drinks, any pretty girl looks good to them. I don't think he'll want to have sex, sex, but a blowjob isn't out of the question."


"Wait, did you seriously think I was going to go with you? Don't fuck around with me."

"," you stammer, ashamed to admit that's exactly what you thought."

"God, you gave me a scare, there. Seriously, get out of that silly tux, I got you some new lingerie to wear under your dress."

"Do you have something to say?" your wife's lover glares at the corner where you're kneeling, hands bound behind you. Your wife kneels between the two of you, in both of your line of site, wearing just a bra and panties. She remains silent, simply waiting for her Mistress to command her.

", Ma'am," you stammer, eyes darting from your half naked wife to the other woman, watching her read the proposal your wife typed up.

"This paragraph on chastity has the cage removed every thirty days."

"That...that seemed reasonable," you swallowed.

"It's not," she said, voice firm, "an orgasm once a quarter is more reasonable, if not too generous itself. Change this to the male slave may request removal of the device once per quarter."

"Re...request?" you stammered.

"Shall we make it annually?"

"No, Mistress, once per quarter," you quickly agree.

You know your wife cares only as it matters to you as it doesn't effect her sex life; her Mistress has forbidden her from having sex with you. Still, for the first time since she entered the room and knelt, she looks at you with a sympathetic face. "You have something to add, pet?"

"No, Mistress," your wife says, lowering her eyes.

"Make the change tomorrow."

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


"Honey, I don't know why you're being all whiney about it, I told you I'd take the cage off any time you wanted...all you do is have to say the words."

"Please, Ashely, I...I don't want to," you said, feeling your penis twitch in your cage seeing how she was dressed.

"That's okay, I mean I'm not surprised you don't want me to unlock you when I'm dressed like this; I guess a sexy woman isn't a turn on."

"But...but I do," you swallow, "and it is a turn-on."

"It's your choice, say the words or don't."

"Fine...I...I liked sucking his cock," you whisper, the shame of being on your knees and giving her lover a sloppy blowjob washing over you.

"I knew it," she smiles. "He said you were so good at it, he said there was no way you were doing it just to make me happy. 'A natural cocksucker' he said."

"Ashley," you look down.

"Honey, it's okay to be gay, I don't know why you're so ashamed about it. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to a man like him."

"But...but I'm your husband," you swallow.

"To be honest, I'm happy for the help. You know he's a handful in bed, I don't mind having a second set of hands or a second mouth to share him with. God, that makes me wet, sharing a cock with my husband."


"What's the perfect woman?" my wife asked me one morning.

"I...I don't know," I said, thinking quickly, "brown hair, brown eyes, milky skin, nice breasts, thin but not too thin," I said, basically describing her. "What's the perfect man?"

"The perfect man?" she asked, looking at me. "I guess like the perfect cup of coffee."

"The perfect cup of coffee?"

She sipped her coffee, looked away. "You know, strong, hot, black."

"June," I gasped.

"You asked, love, you asked."

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Brings back memories of trying on my aunt's lingerie when I was young.

The Visit Part 1

"What are you here to discuss?" the nurse asked my wife as I sat nervously in the corner chair.

"My husband's erection issues," my wife said, knowing my face was red without looking at me. How could I not be embarrassed when she insisted I wear a dress, lingerie, and heels to the doctor.

The nurse opened her chart, looked at it, clicked her pen. "I'll get some notes for the doctor. Let's start with preferred pronouns?"

"Feminized, she uses she, her, hers," my wife said.

The nurse made a note in the chart. "When was her last erection?"

"Six months ago," my wife said.

"Six months?" the nurse looked at me with an amused grin. 

"She's kept in a metal cage," my wife said.

"Last orgasm? Same?"

"The same," my wife confirmed.


"Monthly," my wife said.

"Caged, I assume, if she hasn't had an erection."

"Caged," my wife said.

"And how did she achieve orgasm?"

"We...I think we used a vibrator...didn't we?" 

My wife looked at me, I had no choice but to answer. "Y...yes, Ma'am," I said, remembering it clearly, remembering her tying me to the bed while she used a vibrator on me, tormenting me for a good hour.

"Does she swell in the cage if aroused?"

"Often," my wife said, "and leaks towards the end of the month."

"Last question, what are your erection goals?"

"To be honest, as few as possible," my wife said, "and certainly none that lead to orgasm."

"Okay, let me go see if the doctor's ready, she can undress to her undergarments and get on the table," the nurse said, smiling at my wife.

"She's wearing a garter belt and stockings," my wife said, "okay to leave those on?"

"Of course," the nurse said, "the doctor can examine her like that."

" you have a gown?" I asked, speaking for the first time.

"No," the nurse said, her voice stern. "Undressed and lie on the table now."

I undressed, started to take off my heels, but my wife stopped me. "No need," she said. 

I sighed, climbed onto the table. Despite the cold table and my nerves, I still felt my penis swell in the cage. My wife saw it, shook her head. "And you wonder why we're here, " she said.

Before I could answer, the door opened and the nurse walked in followed by man in his early forties, tall, muscular, fit. "Dr. Crawford," he said, shaking my wife's hand. "I understand we're having erection issues?"

He pulled on a pair of gloves, without further introduction to me, reached for my caged penis, massaged my balls. "Seems to grow fairly easily," he said to my wife.

"That's the point, doctor," my wife said, "I wish it wouldn't. I'd remove the cage monthly to clean her and let her breath, but she swells the second I mention unlocking it."

"That's fairly common," he said, "absent hormones, most femininized males still can obtain an erection even in long term chastity."

"She's shrunk," my wife offered, "flaccid, that is, but when she's excited she swells to fill the cage."

"Also quite common," the doctor said, still massaging my balls, watching as my penis swelled. "The nurse said you milk her?"

"Monthly," my wife said.

"I assume we're coming up on that? She swells fairly quickly with stimulation."

"She's due this weekend."

"Well, I'm afraid absent hormones she's going to retain the ability to grow erect."

"I don't want to put her on hormones, but I really don't want erections either."

"Just leave the cage on," the doctor said.

"How long is safe?"

"Really, there's no reason it can't be tolerated indefinitely with monthly prostate massages. I'd suggest gradually reducing cage size, though, she could easily go down to half the size."

"Half...half the size," I said, stunned.

The doctor chuckled. "Easily," he said, "maybe slightly smaller." He turned to my wife, still massaging my balls. "Typically I'd reduce cage size in bi-monthly steps, going down one cage size every other month for six months, then installing a permanent cage at the end."


He smiled at her. "No key, just a soldered connection. Now, she'd have to be out of the cage, what, three times to switch sizes. I'd do that right after a milking to reduce the chances of erection. If you're careful, you should be able to do it without any unnecessary swelling."

"Really?" my wife asked, clearly interested.


What's the natural state of a sissy boy? Much like Loolay, feminized and in chastity.

Monday, May 24, 2021

"I'm going to miss you when I'm gone," your wife's lover told her a week before he went overseas for twelve months for work.

"I'm going to miss you, too, Sir," she said, already contemplating a year without his direction, his firm hand, his strength, the dominant place he had in her life, in your marriage. 

"A pet like you can backslide quite far in a year," he said, "I wouldn't look forward to having to retrain you...or your husband."

"I worry about that, too," she admitted, comfortable as she was serving him. "I worry about him, too," she said, meaning you.

"I don't think he understood what he was getting into," her lover smiled, "but he's come along well."

"He needs the direction, too," she said, kissing him. "He still complains, but deep down inside, he knows he needs a strong man in our marriage as much as I do."

"I think we're all in agreement on that," he said. "We can talk, of course, but there's no substitute for a man's presence."

"He doesn't mean to, but you know how he is. I know he's already assuming without you around...that I'll miss it enough that he can..."

"Is that what you want?" he asked her. "Do you want him trying to be the man again?"

"No, of course not. It's'll be so far away..."

"He can't be the man in your life, pet, you know that."

"Of course, I do, Sir, but he's my husband. But without you around, I'm afraid he'll be relentless."

"I agree, a year is too long for you two to go without a firm man."

"Wait, are you going to come home early?" she asked, hopeful.

"If only I could, pet, if only I could. No, it's the full year. But I agree, you two need a man to keep you in line. Remember my friend Peter? You met him at the Christmas party."

"The lawyer? Yes, what about him? You doing to send him to check in on us?" she laughed.

"In a way, pet. I'm giving you two to Peter while I'm gone."

Her eyes went wide. " us to him?"

"Peter's in the scene, pet, he's between relationships. I trust him with my life, literally, I certainly trust him with the two of you."

"You're giving us to him?"

"Yes," he said, waiting, knowing she wouldn't question his obvious command, knowing she'd immediately understand just what the extent 'giving' meant, that Peter would be her master for the next year, that she would be Peter's to use just as he was hers. He was pleased she didn't immediately object, didn't object even thinking about it. She simply accepted his word as law.

"My husband won't...I mean..."

"Wont be happy? No, I suspect he won't, at least at first. But it's settled. Besides, your husband won't be the first Peter's dealt with. If anything, Peter relishes a closet sissy; it's kind of his specialty. Besides, I'm anxious for you to see him serving other men, it's important you see how naturally it comes to him, no matter how much he decries it."

"He complains every time you make him do it."

"Yet every time he gets better at it, almost like he was born to suck cock."

She laughed, thought about the last blowjob she'd watched her husband give her lover. "He was pretty eager," she smiled. 

"Almost as good as you."


Be honest, did you really think the jock fraternity was going to accept you as a regular pledge?

Did no one warn you they took two "non-jock" pledges ever year and stuck them in a special room in the basement?


"Listen," my wife said, "I don't see what the big deal is, I do it to him all the time."

"But...but you're a girl," I said, "that...that's natural."

"Not entirely, I never did it to you," she retorted.

"Angie!" I exclaimed, but it was true, she'd never gone down on me once, never once.

"I'm just saying, it's not that big a deal," she said, looking in the mirror, checking her makeup.

"It is too a big deal, I...I'm not gay," I protested.

"God, that again? That's so...offensive. What's that even mean? If you're dressed as a girl, how is it gay? Besides, how is it any different than what you do with my dildo? You've sucked that dozens of times."

"It's different," I said.

"Fine, so it's different. So what? I want you go suck his cock, that's all there is to it. I want to see you on your knees, giving my lover the best blowjob you can."

"You're serious?" I asked.

"I'm serious," she said.

"I don't know why consternate about it, it says in here a husband can wear the chastity cage for the first full year if he's in a female led marriage."

"I...I thought we were going to talk about it after a month."

"We are, sweetie, I'll certainly let you ask and I'll certainly talk about it, I'm just saying the book says the whole first year."

"But that...that's so long."

"I agree. Tell you what, I'll let you ask and consider it every month, it depends on your behavior."



When did your wife realize nothing satisfied her like serving a real man? 

The time her lover fingered to a dozen orgasms, making her lick his fingers clean between each one.

"I...I don't like the taste," she told him.

"All the better, slut, all the better.


Most men are obsessed with fucking a woman, going to great lengths to fill her with their cum, with their seed, sexually satisfied only with that final, violent, hard thrust and eruption. 

But some men are satisfied with other things, with cleaning the mess a real man left behind, with going to their knees and tenderly kissing and licking their woman, cleaning and swallowing the mess a real man left behind. 

Some men are satisfied when they are not allowed to fuck their woman. 


At some point, you really have to get over the fact that while you were born a male, you're destined to live life as a girl, that while you may think you're attracted to women, it's men who are attracted to you.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

"I...I'm sorry, I'm just...nervous, I guess," the sissy said as she watched the man unbutton his pants.

"Why?" he asked.

"I...I've never been with a man before," she whispered, looked down.

"Afraid you'll like it?" he chuckled.

"A...a little bit," she admitted. "I...I always assumed I' it with a girl the first time."

"That was never going to happen," he said.

"I know, I just...I guess I hoped it would. Is this what it's like for a girl?" she asked, her nervousness making her talk. "Worried it's going to hurt?"

"Yes," he said, "that's okay, it's fitting. And yes, it will, at first."

"'ll be gentle?"

"At first," he said, "at first."

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


"God, Susan, what's gotten into you," you ask your wife, seeing her eyes, the hunger, the desire.

"I guess I'm just extra excited for Brian to come over," she said, Brian being her lover.


"I kind of told him yes," she said.

"Susan!" you exclaim, "we...I thought we were talking about it more, I thought I said I didn't think it was a good idea."

"I told Brian what you said, sweetie, and he said it was my choice, not yours."

"But Susan," I started to say, "I...I don't...I mean...Susan."

"That's why I want it, that's why I want to see your lips wrapped around Brian's thick, big cock."


That look your wife gives you when you walk into the den, see her in just her lace bra, her thong panties, curled up against the bare, muscular chest of her lover. 

That knowing look. He wasn't supposed to be there, he was supposed to be out of town for three months, on assignment with his unit in Guam. It was supposed to be three months of just the two of you, yet here he was, in the flesh, with your half naked wife, on the couch.

"He...he's on leave," she says, her hand gently stroking his muscular chest. She sees your eyes, knows you had plans for the night, a romantic dinner, candles, soft music. She knows she'd encouraged your hopes, knows she'd hinted she might let you be with her.

"O...oh," you say, eyes fixated on her ass.

He looks at you, smiles, and you lower your eyes. It's a small, subtle sign of acknowledgment of his status in your marriage, the alpha to the beta. "Last minute, didn't have time to text," she says, moving his hand to your wife's breast.

"O...oh," you say again, look back to your wife, this time her eyes. "Is he...I mean..."

"He'll be here till Monday morning," she says, not just meaning in town, meaning in your house, in your bedroom, even literally inside her.

"I...I'll...I'll move my things to the guestroom," you say quietly, backing out of the room. But they're not listening, she's too busy kissing her way down his chest towards his pants and he's too busy enjoying the view.

Friday, May 14, 2021


"Hon, he didn't say we can't have sex anymore, he just said we can't do it like, you know, a husband and wife would."

"What's that mean, exactly? I mean, am I allowed to kiss you? Touch you?"

"Of course, all of that. You just can't, you know, put it inside me."


"Ever," she nodded.


"You knew his thoughts on this when we first met him," she said, seeing your face. "He all but told you then he didn't think a cuckold should do that."

"I...I didn't think...I didn't think he meant it."

"More like you hoped he didn't mean it. But he did, hon, he meant it."

"'s been awhile anyway, can't we...just one more time."

"No," she said, "no we can't."

"Put out three wine glasses," your wife said an hour earlier.

"Three? I...I thought you said he didn't want me staying," you answered, suddenly excited at finally being allowed to watch her with her lover.

"He doesn't, sweetie, you still have to go wait in the punishment room," she said, referring to the small, sparse, closet like room in the back of the basement, the room with a single twin bed, a chair, a lamp, and nothing more. Her lover built the room, required you to go there when he was over, to wait, alone, naked, while he was with her. 

"Why three glasses?" you asked, confused.

"He's bringing a friend," she said, looking away, almost guilty.

"A friend? Like another woman?"

"No, another man," she said.

"My god, Mary, he...he's huge," I whispered to my wife watching her lover undress.

"I told you," she said.

"I...I don't know if I can...if I can do this," I said, unable to take my eyes off his thick, hard cock .

"You don't have to be perfect the first time," she said, "he knows you've never done this before. It's the effort that's important, your willingness to try."

"I...I know we practiced, but this is different," I said.

"Yep," she squeezed me. "This is real."


How your wife's bull likes you. Soft, small, smooth, and submissive.

"Remember when I started dating her?" he asks you, "remember how you said you'd never let a man touch you like this?" He reaches between your legs, lightly caresses your soft penis.

"Y...yes, Sir," you stammer, face red, embarrassed at your body's response. 

"Remember how you said this was a strict limit, that you were, how did you put it, 'a beta, but one hundred percent heterosexual'?"

"Y...yes, Sir," you say, shaking, annoyed as always when he's able to excite you.

"I knew from the moment I met you that you were a sissy," he say, smiling at your smooth, soft, shaved body.

You glance over at your wife, she's laying there smiling, idly playing with her pussy, enjoying watching her lover humiliate you.

"How long has it been since this has been inside a woman?" he asks.

"T...two years, Sir," you answer, knowing he knows.

"And how long since it's been hard?" he asks.

"A...a year," you whisper.

"Why?" he asks, his usual question, the game he likes to play, knowing how deeply it humiliates you.

"Please," you beg, as you always do when he asks you this in front of your wife.

"Why?" he asks again, again gently rubbing your soft penis. As he moves back, his white cotton robe parts, exposing his thick, hard cock, which is in inch from your face.

Your eyes lock on it, without meaning to, you lick your lips, part them just like a woman would. "Because...because I'm a sissy faggot," you say just as he moves his hips, touches the head of his cock to your lips, the head bigger and thicker than your entire sissy clit.

You see him look at your wife, smile a knowing smile. No wife, upon seeing her husband suck cock, could ever see him as a male sex partner again. A sissy, yes, a feminine lover, yes, but never a male, never a man. 

You see his hand move again, feel him once again ever so gently rub you, and involuntarily, take his cock into your mouth. "Almost as good at sucking cock as you are, dear," he tells your wife.

"You're cruel," your wife laughs.

"I am," he agrees, "I am. Do you want to help your faggot husband or do you want to wait for me to fuck you."

"Both," she said, leaning down, sucking his cock with you. "Both."


Watching your bride slip on her stockings, you feel your penis still, feel it swell, at least as much as it can, constrained as it is by the chastity cage you've worn since the night you proposed nine months ago. "You have the other set of vows?" she asks without looking at you, knowing you're staring at her.

"Y...yes," you mumble, touch your shirt where your second set of vows are written out.

"You're ready, then, to promise all of them?"

You think of the list, the things you'll vow to do. You'll promise to obey, you'll promise to serve, you'll promise to be faithful, you'll promise to care for her, pamper her, tend to her, submit to her...

"All of them?" she asks, looking up at you for the first time since you entered the room ten minutes ago.

"All...all of them," you say softly, the last the most difficult, but also the one most important to her.

"Say the last one, love, practice, it will be real when you say it tonight, but say it now."

"I...I pledge," you whisper, the pledge you've been in 
turmoil over for months, "I pledge to be pussy free."

"It's never going inside me, you understand, never. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever."

"I...I know," you say.

"The cage isn't permanent permanent, we'll unlock it from time to time to clean it, clean you, but even in those rare times it's free, it's never going inside me."

"I...I know," you agree.

"Say it again, love."

"I pledge to be pussy free."


Thursday, May 13, 2021


"Where's your wedding ring," your wife's lover asked her, "you never wear it when we're together."

"Does...does that bother you?" she asks, shaking as he touches her body.

"Depends, we both know your married, so what's it matter."

She breaths deeply at his familiar touch, already anticipating the long night together. "He holds husband, when I'm out...he...holds it for me."

"To think about what you're doing?" her lover asks.

"Y...yes," she answers, surprised.

"Does it ever get through you're pretty little head I know more about this than you do?" he laughs. "That you're not the first married woman to submit to me."

"I...I'm sorry, I...I should...I thought you'd be mad."

"Why?" he asks, eyes on her bare breast.

"I...I don't know," she says, suddenly shy, "I...I didn't think you liked talking about him."

"He isn't going away, pet," he says, starting to pull her dress up.

She's breathing heavily, shaking. "I just...he's...I don't know..."

"Confused?" he asked as he kissed her neck, "conflicted?"

"I...I think," she says, not really thinking about you this second.

"I want him to wear it when you're with me. Put it on a chain you have; I want him to wear it. Tell him that, tell him I want him to wear it."


"Yes. Tell him I want him to wear it when he sends you to be with me. I want him to think about us when he sees it, I want him to think about how his wife belongs to me."

"Oh, god," she moaned, feeling his cock press against her panties, suddenly desperate to feel him inside her."

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


"Now remember, when Mark gets here later this morning, I expect you to be welcoming to him; he's our guest for the weekend, I don't want you putting on a possessive show and embarrassing me."

"I...I know," I said, still not sure how I felt about my wife's ex-lover staying with us for several days.

"He's going to feel a little weird staying with me now that I'm married, so I expect you to go out of your way to make him feel comfortable."

"I...I will," I said.

"You better."

"I will," I said.

"He's a pretty masculine guy, hon, don't play games with him, let him be the alpha man."

"I'm not sure what that means," I said.

"I don't know," she said, "Offer to get him a drink, don't hover and give us some time alone, clear the table, just...just everything like that."

"I...I assumed," I said.

"And for god's sake, offer to bring his luggage to the master bedroom."

" our room? Hon, he...he's going to think..." I couldn't say it, but I already wondered if he thought he was going to be more than a houseguest, if he assumed my wife invited him for more than just to catch up.

"He already assumes it," she said, "my point is to not make it awkward, your point to him is to subtly let him know his assumptions are correct."

We'd danced around it, but never truly said it. "'re going to sleep with him?"

"If he wants, which I assume he will. He knows we have a small guestroom in the basement, make it clear you're okay spending the weekend down there."


"Don't," she held up her hand, stopped me. "Don't be coy, dear, you knew when I said I wanted to invite him where this would lead. I appreciate your nervousness is part of it, but don't act as if this is a surprise to you."


Seeing my wife standing there, I was amazed how she would at the same time look masculine, strong, and assertive and at the same time, so feminine. "M...Ma'am," I nodded, swallowing.

"You're late," she said, face firm, hard, unforgiving.

"I...I should have called, I'm sorry."

"Go change, Abigail," she said, using the pet feminine name she used for me when she was in 'one of those moods.'

"" I asked, looking at her crotch, seeing now the slight bulge. "But I...I mean...I thought..."

"What's the rule, Abigail?" she asked, eyes hard.

"When and where you want," I said, eyes down.

"Go change," she said, touching her crotch, making the bulge more pronounced. "Now."


I heard the heels on the wooden floor, knew it was time to be afraid. I tried to look back, to see the senior girl, the sorority president, but I couldn't take my eyes off the younger sorority girls in front of me; it was the first time I'd seen a naked woman.

Then I heard the swish, something whistling through the air. It was then I stole a glance and saw her. Unlike the sorority sisters, their president was dressed in black dress, apron, hose, and heels. And in her hand was the crop.

"What...what's that?" I swallowed.

"That's for your punishment," one of the sisters said, lifting my chin with the small paddle she'd already spanked me with, "this was just to warm you up."

"P...please," I moaned softly, "please let me go, I...I promise I won't come back."

"Let you go," the woman behind me laughed, swung the crop through the air, "are you delusional? We're not letting you go, you belong to us now."

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


That nervous feeling a sissy gets meeting his wife's lover for the first time.

Chastity Logic


If you can wear the chastity cage for an hour , you can wear it all day.

If you can wear it all day, you can wear it all night.

If you can wear it all day and all night, you can wear it all week.

If you can wear it all week, you can wear it all month.

If you can wear it all month, you can wear it all year.

If you can wear it all year, you can wear it permanently.