Thursday, June 3, 2021


Many sissies wear pink cages, an appropriate nod to their feminine nature.

But sometimes clear cages are crueler.

They let the sissy actually see their permanently flaccid penis. They let the sissy see what used to be, let the sissy see what was once a sex organ, but now is nothing.

It's so close, so there when the cage is clear, almost like sissy could reach down and touch it, stroke it, let it grow like it used to.


  1. I agree, It will make it easier to see what you still mean for your sissy.

  2. If Mistress wants Sissy to handle a hard one She will arrange it.

  3. It would be better if it were in a smaller cage. You look down and all you see is a nub.

    1. Mary, I totally, totally agree. The smaller the better!

  4. Clear cages are indeed a far more cruel reminder of hour inferior state.


    sissy terrie

  5. Wearing a clear cage has had consequences for me. My wife has commented for a while now how my sissy clit doesn't fill my Holy Trainer small and that I will soon have a new smaller cage. She has hinted that she will be getting the HT Nub and I'm actually quite anxious as to how I will cope! Sissy Jenna xx