Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Your wife looks at you, crosses her arms, that smirk on her face. "For someone who insists on being straight, you sure looked eager sucking his cock."

"I...I wasn't," you answer, looking down.

"So didn't you hear me when I said you could stop? Because I wasn't going to make you finish him, but there you were, greedily sucking his cock until he came, and there you were, swallowing every drop."


  1. She can be proud of the result of her training of her husband, what he did prove was: That if you really enjoy what you are doing it can be hard to stop before you are completed.

  2. Looks like we've turned a corner on the straight vs gay discussion. (smile)

    Once you suck 'til you're through ... then "straight" 's not for you.