Monday, June 21, 2021

It isn't really punishment when she orders you to stand this way against the wall while she has tea with her friends, it's more a demonstrate, a proof of concept, to show her friends that life married to a weak, beta doesn't have to be boring.

After several minutes, the questions all come at once:

"How long does he wear that thing?"

"How often does he dress like a girl?"

"How do you have sex?"

"Is he happy?"

Finally, your wife holds up her hand, "ladies, ladies," she laughs, "one at time, please. Let's see, she...I call her she...wears it full time, 24/7. We take it off once a month to wash her thoroughly, but that's it. Oh, and only after submerging it in an ice bath to keep it soft."

"So he...sorry...she...she never know?" one friend asks.

"An erection? Heavens no," your wife laughs. "She hasn't had one of those long has it been, Sophie?"

You swallow, face red. "Two...two years, Mistress."

"How often dress like this?"

Your wife smiles, though you can't see her. "Full time at home, lingerie under her clothes always."

"So...forgive me, Janice, so no sex?"

"Heavens no, Angie," your wife says. "Both I and we have a very active sex life. Sophia here is quite skilled with her tongue...I'm happy to let her demonstrate on any of you who wish..."

Her friends all laugh nervously, but you know at least one or two will take your wife up on her offer. "Don't you know," one friend asks.

"Cock?" your wife laughs. "No...I mean, I would...but I have a boyfriend for that."

"A boyfriend?" several asked at once. "He...she...she doesn't mind?"

"Mind? Judging by the way she begs to lick me clean when I get home from a date, I don't think she minds."



  1. Nice with such a detailed desription of a sissy's day to day life.

  2. This could be my life story. I feel exactly described here. I like to lick my wife's pussy for the purpose of cleaning after her adventure and meanwhile I also like to lick her ladies to orgasm.