Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"Oh god, you're nervous, aren't you," your wife asks, seeming to realize for the first time that you've been a bundle of nerves for the last two hours.

"Yes, I'm nervous, I...I mean...this isn't something...something a husband is supposed to do," you say.

"Honey, we talked about this. Every cuckold gets nervous the first time he's going to take another man's cock in his mouth, it's perfectly natural. After a few minutes, you'll enjoy it, trust me."

"But I...I'm not...

"Gay? Are we doing this again? I already told you how you don’t need to worry about your sexuality."


"Sweetie, being a good cuckold isn't about whether your gay or bisexual, that's not important to me or to him. Being a good cuckold is about making me happy...which you can do by getting on your knees and wrapping your lips wrapped around my lover's cock."


"Just do it like we practiced. And for god's sake, remember to look him in the eyes."


"You need to show him, with your eyes, how much you love having his cock in your mouth, how much you love getting him hard and excited so he can fuck me. You need to show him that sucking his cock is the most important thing in your life at that moment."

"What...what if he...you know..."

She laughed. "Cums? Well you better not make him cum cause I want to fuck him. But if he does, well, you swallow as fast as you fucking can, love, you swallow as fast as you can. Listen, just be the best cocksucker you can, okay, just be the best cocksucker you can."


  1. A wife after my heart, she is helping her cuckold through the most difficult period of his life and she is doing it in such a loving way that I am sure he will enjoy every single moment while completing this exercise.

  2. yes, me too, a wife like this would be so fine, l'd be her slave forever

  3. We could never do it on our own. We need our wives' encouragement. That's what makes it so special.


    sissy terrie

  4. My wife assured me that it was not a matter of being gay, it was a matter of being obedient. So I did as I was I was told and I licked and kissed his cock. Then he pushed my head into him and I started to suck.

    then with his cock deep in my mouth, he said one word. Faggot.

    Yes, I was a faggot. Her cuckold faggot. HIS faggot