Monday, June 21, 2021


Remember high school gym, where the jocks teased you in the shower for having the smallest penis?

Remember the first time you were naked with a woman, when she what you had between your legs and suddenly remembered she was late for work?

Remember the first time you had sex with a woman, when she said, "is it in yet, I can't feel it?" and you came inside of ten seconds?

Remember rushing that frat in college and they lined all the pledges up naked and you got an erection? Only you were smaller, hard, than anyone else was soft.

But remember the first time you were feminized with a man and you tried to hide it from him and he smiled, moved your hand away, and said, "don't be ashamed, little girl, you're a sissy, it's supposed to be small and soft."


  1. Very nice ... both the picture ... and the understanding gentleman. (smile)

  2. The first time my wife gave me to her boyfriend, she took my cage off before sending me to him. With my erect little peepee near his man's cock, we both knew our place.