Monday, June 7, 2021

The card from your wife to her lover said simply, "Happy Birthday, in the bedroom, M."

He was confused, but a patient man, so took his time, poured a whiskey, walked to the master bedroom, expecting your wife waiting for him. "Well," he laughed, when he opened the door and found not the woman he'd been dating for a year, but you instead. "Well, indeed, she did know exactly what I wanted," he laughed.

"Mmmmgggffff," you mumbled through the penis gag she'd buckled in your mouth.

"Oh don't you worry, sissy," he laughed, feeling his cock harden, "I'll be kind of gentle."


  1. The gift that keeps on giving

  2. I wonder ... it seems like somebody's big fantasy is about to be realized ... but whose fantasy is bigger ... the lover ... or the hubby? ... or ... maybe it's the wife's! LOL