Thursday, June 17, 2021


The longer a sissy's kept in chastity with prolonged orgasm denial, the more at risk she is for leaking; it's almost unavoidable.

Of course, a sissy should drip on herself, even if she can't help it; it's unacceptable.

In this situation, a mistress should consider stimulating her prostate to induce a non-orgasmic discharge.

Some women may be tempted to free her and let her take care of herself. But at this level of feminization, all discharges should be hands free and her clit should be flaccid and locked permanently.


  1. This is all basic knowledge.

  2. I constantly leak, but once every six weeks or so I have a bigger discharge. It can be as simple as standing up from sitting. My cage must press on something and it all just releases. Pantyliners are essential wear for a sissy! Sissy Jenna xx