Thursday, June 17, 2021

Two years ago, you slept in the master bedroom with your wife, a large, airy room, with big windows overlooking a river. The was tastefully decorated, a large bed, a sitting area...

Then she met Michael. At first, nothing changed, when she dated him, you'd wait in the master bedroom for her to come home, but you were still the "man of the house" as it were.

But the first time he visited, he spent the night, and you were sent to the guestroom. Also large, and well decorated.

Within a few months, though, Michael had your wife set up a room in the attic, the old's maid's room. This room was small, sparely decorated, spartan, utilitarian. 

That's your room now. A tiny closet which holds your maid's uniforms. A small dresser with your lingerie. The rest of your possessions packed away, unneeded. 

No more iPhone, no more television, no more expensive toys, no more male clothing.

Everything a sissy maid is here. Everything.


  1. all you need is within reach, so no reason for complaining to, or fighting with Michael your master.

  2. Do you fantasize about this sara? .... Maybe not as a lifestyle ... but to fulfill a desire? (smile)