Tuesday, June 15, 2021


"Was...was that the garage door?" you ask your wife, pulling at the bonds holding you to the table, "someone...someone's here."

"Anthony," she says softly, her lover's name.

"An...Anthony?" you stammer.

"Anthony," she confirms, rubbing the dildo along your neck. "I told him."

"T...told him what?" you ask, swallowing.

"I told him you learned to cum like a girl," she said, moving the dildo to your lips. "Learned to cum like a girl, giving this a long, sloppy blowjob to my dildo before taking it in your pussy ass and cumming over and over. I want to show him."

"You're not," you said.

"I most certainly am," she whispered.

"You...you're going to use that on me with him watching?" you asked, processing.

"Watch? Heaven's no, love, he's not going to watch, he's going to participate."

"Par...participate? Like...use that on me?" you moaned.

"No, love, not this, he's not using a dildo, he's going to use that long, thick, hard cock of his."

"But...but I..."

"I told you months ago, once you learned how to cum like a girl, you were never cumming like a boy again. Never, ever, again."


  1. Yes Mistress; I'm to cum like a woman

  2. Is this the dream of most sissies? ... All sissies? ... And their greatest fear? (smile0

    Curious minds are asking.

  3. Lucky guy, he is about to have to feel the real thing inside him, how thoughtful of his wife to give him that joy.