Tuesday, June 22, 2021


You come home, see your wife bent over a chair, wearing just a bra, pantyhose, and heels. "H...honey?" you stammer, shocked to see her posed like this.

She says nothing, just points to the card on the bed. You open, it's a "Happy Anniversary" card, but it's not your wife's feminine handwriting inside, instead the harsh printing of a man.

"I understand it's your tenth wedding anniversary today," it reads, "so I'm giving you the gift of your wife tonight. You may do anything you want to her, sexually, anything...."

You look at your wife, shocked, feel your penis immediately swell in your chastity cage, the cage that hasn't been unlocked in six months, since she met him. You look at her mouth, picture it wrapped around your hard penis, look at her pussy, try to remember how good it feels wet and warm.

She sees your face, knows what the card says, waits. "T...turn the card over," she whispers.

"With two conditions," the writing continues. "First, your chastity cage stays on. Second, her pantyhose stay on and may not be ripped, torn, or damaged in any way. Happy Anniversary!"

"H...honey," you stammer.

"Please," she whispers, "please come here and start with your mouth."


  1. What a thoughtful ... yet inventive bull! (smile)

  2. So kind of him to give her puppy a treat.