Monday, June 21, 2021


Your wife is on the bed, wearing just a black bra and panties, looking at you, glaring at you.

"Do you get blowjobs anymore?" she asks.

", Ma'am, I...I give blowjobs," you say, softly.

"Do you fuck woman anymore?" she asks, looking at you with her big eyes.

", Ma'am, I...I get men."

"Does that little thing grow anymore?"

"No, Ma'am," you say, "I...I'm soft and limp, like a girl."

"Do you fantasize about pussy anymore?" she teases.

"No, Ma'am, I...I fantasize about cock," you say, knowing that's what she wants to hear but knowing that's what you do, as well.

"Do you cum?" she asks.

"No, Ma'am, I...I eat cum."

She looks over at the man sitting quietly on the chair, watching the two of you. He nods, satisfied, reaches for his belt and undoes his pants.

"Crawl to him," she says, "crawl to him and show him."

You lean down, on your hand and knees now, feel the garter straps tug at your stockings. You turn, crawl towards him, stop in front of him, reach into his pants and pull our his still soft cock. Even like this, he's bigger than you, thicker than you, longer than you. 

You feel it stir in your hand, lean over, know she's watching. She told you she wants to see him grow in your mouth so you take his still soft cock between your lips, dance your tongue around the tip, feel him start to swell and stiffen.

Whatever you were, whatever you used to be, you are no longer. Now, you're her sissy cock sucker, her sissy faggot, your role to fluff her lover, clean up after.


  1. And is that the only way you'd have things?.... The only way you're really comfortable, willing, and capable? ... What you've always wanted deep down inside? (smile)

  2. Wow. Just Wow. I finally had to sign up an account just so I could comment after all these years. The hottest blog I've come across.