Thursday, June 30, 2022

First Time


It was supposed to be a first meeting, a getting to know one another, just drinks to talk to determine if he was compatible with you and your wife, if he was someone you'd think about if you turned fantasy into reality, nothing more.

But within two seconds of you welcoming him into your home, he set a different tone. He told you to get him a drink, not in a mean way, but in an alpha man kind of way, something your wife obviously noticed.

When she sat on the couch, he sat next to her, talked to her, put a hand on her. He was direct, strong, possessive, controlling and it was obvious he had an effect on both you and your wife.

Within half an hour, your wife was on top of him, her dress pulled up, exposing her stockings, kissing him, touching him, and you realized not only was he going to fuck her, but he was going to do so then and there, that first time, no matter what you thought was going to happen.

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  1. Wow.. just the way you wrote this, I know it’s exactly how it would be SaraE